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New Job
It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities that one day you receive a call from me for an exciting new permanent job. During this first exploratory conversation, I will give you information about the nature of the role, the context of the vacancy, and the organization. Whilst you realize that with your knowledge, experience and personality, you‘re a suitable candidate, it would mean giving up quite a bit: not only a permanent job, but also an
organization and a team where you feel at home. Give up all this for a leap into the unknown?

To support you throughout the entire application process and the potential transition to a new permanent position, I offer you two unique voluntary coaching trajectories free of charge, facilitated by the experienced executive coach, Maaike Strack van Schijndel.


Coach conversation before the first job interview
In a confidential session, Maaike and yourself assess the decision to take on a new permanent job. If you decide to go for it, together you can constructively prepare for the job interview with the potential employer.

Coaching after placement
After starting with the new employer, I offer you as a permanent candidate a coaching program of three tailor made sessions with Maaike. When you start your new job, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

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About Maaike
Maaike Strack van Schijndel is ICF/PCC certified and has completed numerous coaching training programs. She combines this knowledge and expertise with over 20 years of international work experience as a consultant in major change projects. Her style is intuitive, practical, tailored to individuals, professional, challenging, and infused with a healthy dose of humour.